About .scot

DotScot Registry is a not-for-profit company that exists to provide Scots an online identity through the .scot domain name.

.scot is a top-level domain for Scotland and Scottish culture that became available to the public during September 2014. It gives people, organisations and businesses the opportunity to clearly identify themselves as Scottish. We offer a unique branding tool for businesses and a clear cultural identifier for people in Scotland and in the wider Scots diaspora.

As well as being used to promote Scottish art, culture, businesses and education it is also used by individuals who want to highlight their Scottish connections or simply like having ‘.scot’ as part of their internet identity. We see it as contributing to global citizenship and helping to build a unique Scots community online.

“The Scottish Government’s on-line identity is clearly defined by the .scot domain and marks us out in a crowded Internet. We led by example in adopting the domain as our primary web address and it is encouraging to see that so many thousands continue to follow.”

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon

“The not-for-profit route is well established within the domain industry. I am a strong advocate of it, believing that the .scot domain must be a public resource with operational decisions discharged in the public interest rather than in any specifically commercial interest.”

Deputy First Minister, John Swinney

Meet the Team

  • Gavin McCutcheon

    Managing Director

  • Harry McGrath


  • Polly Purvis


  • Craig Cockburn


  • Rory


  • Dottie

    Social Media

Meet our Global Ambassadors

  • Gillian Davidson
  • Stewart Gill
  • Theresa Mackay
  • Liam McIlvanney
  • Gus Noble
  • Alasdair Reid