.scot Experiences: Wendy Barrie from Scottish Food Guide

As part of our .scot experiences series we spoke to Wendy Barrie, owner and founder of Scottish Food Guide. Wendy is a popular cookery show presenter and well-known campaigner for finest local produce. She has published two cook books and boasts an impressive career in the food industry.

What made you choose a .scot domain?

When I spotted the .scot option I immediately liked the concept of being a pioneer with like minded businesses who value Scotland’s heritage, music and language, our culture and food, our scenery and our folk. In my home life, all are important to me; at work it is particularly our food heritage.

I have always been passionate about our Nation so it made absolute sense to take the opportunity when it arrived on the scene.

How did you find out about .scot?  

I think I read about it online.

Do you think it helps establish the cultural identity of your blog?

Definitely. I think it reflects my personality and roots!  I am proud to play an active role in celebrating our fine produce and cuisine.

Does it attract attention from visitors to your blog?

I am delighted to report readers are on the increase which is due to a number of factors!

Do you think having a different domain from the normal .co.uk/.com is important in helping your blog stand out?

I think it reflects the independent nature of Scottish Food Guide, in the sense that it carries no sponsorship or banner adverts, is highly individual and embraces being refreshingly different.

If you switched from .com/.co.uk to .scot how did you find the process, and did it affect the traffic to your website in any way?

There were a few nervous moments as I am not particularly ‘techy’ but it all went very smoothly!

You can also find Wendy on Twitter and Read the latest news on Wendy’s Weekly News Column.

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